5 weeks 6 days pregnant

Still incredibly excited except now trying really hard not to get anxious with being in the first trimester and the waiting for that all important first scan. I probably shouldn’t have googled ‘chances of miscarriage’  as now I have all the statistics running through my head. I found out that its not just your age that affects how healthy your eggs are but also the paternal age really affects the sperm health. Over 40 is supposed to increase the risk massively with genetic mutations 😦 and Paul is 51! Anyway I just want to be happy and not fearful.

I’ve now told way too many people which I regret a bit. Oh dear, making so many unwise decisions at the moment, must be my pregnancy brain.

Symptoms this week are: more energy than last week (enjoying this while is lasts), skin breaking out, craving really unhealthy foods which has happened to me in all three pregnancies. When I’m not pregnant I eat quite healthily and try to do regular vegetable juicing, low to no sugar etc but when I’m pregnant that all goes out the window and juicing is replaced by junk food and no sugar is replaced by lots of chocolate! I generally feel sick the whole 9 months, peaking in the end of the first trimester and then the last 2 months. I throw up more in the last trimester than the first which is weird and i’ve never met anyone who has that.

G-J (4 years old) says that the baby in my tummy is a boy and he is called Aiden.

H (3 years old) ran into my piano lesson on Saturday and said: ‘baby in Mummy’s tummy.’ Thanks to her very unclear pronunciation the parents did not get it. I definitely don’t want my pupils to find out yet before I know exactly what I am doing with maternity leave.

A (19 months) doesn’t understand whats going on but is very clingy. I read that the youngest child just intuitively gets it and becomes a bit more clingy to the mother. May not be true but definitely happening. Either that or teething.


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