6 Weeks, 6 days pregnant


Hello mood swings!!!! Oh dear, its been pretty intense this week with my main swing being ‘angry,’ especially at Paul. He says I’ve been really mean. I’m sorry, I’m trying really hard (not really) to not be angry.

Anyway I did two very annoying things this week which I completely blame pregnancy for. First I fell whilst holding the computer in the kitchen and the screen smashed which is costing £500!!!! to fix and then a day later I backed into a lamppost (only a little damage patch done).

Apart from that the morning sickness hasn’t really properly hit yet although I did feel sick in week 4. In the other pregnancies I started all-day sickness in week 8/9  so just waiting for that and enjoying food while I can. I had the weirdest craving yesterday though; I was shopping and went past the Chinese food section and saw this seaweed and HAD to have it. I’ve never eaten seaweed before! Anyway I ate it and nearly a whole cooked chicken and it was yummy. I am also managing (pretty much failing) whilst Paul is away for 6 days. This is day 3 and I survived the school run and a hellish breakfast. I decided (very foolishly) to make banana pancakes which no one ate and I threw in the bin which got me really angry and then I said ‘I don’t care’ (which always means I do) and made toast which only H ate and G refused which meant him going to school without breakfast and saying I’m hungry all the way to school.



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