7 weeks 6 days pregnant 

Hello morning sickness! I’ve Been suddenly hit by a freight train and a bus and a truck all at once and I feel AWFUL! Wow it just came out of the blue as I was just thinking: this is great, no morning sickness yet and I’m really enjoying my food. Bham! 

Feel so out of it and forgetting everything, doing really silly things.

 A, was up in the night last night for 3 hours and I really thought I was going to loose it. She woke up after I had just gone to sleep needless to say I was incrediably moody today and just about held it together. 

I also had my first midwife appointment today as well.  I’m in a new area since having my last and so a new doctors surgery and midwife. She was lovely and arranged my booking in appointment for next week which she said takes roughly an hour! Exciting! I have to say midwife appointments are the highlights of being pregnant. I usually make them when I know Paul is around so I can go on my own which is a luxury in itself and it just feels like each appointment is a spa day. It does feel like I’m being pampered each time, although I don’t know why? 

Another symptom is tummy is showing a bump already although I don’t know how as the baby is only the size of a raspberry. Somebody even commented that in showing already today so it’s not just me. I think in this blog I’m going to take bump pictures, something I’ve never done before. I think I’ve only got a couple of pictures from all three pregnancies in total. Ok, feeling a wave of nausea now going to go. 

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