11 weeks 6 days pregnant. 

It’s a girl! I found out that you could get a gender DNA blood test so in my impatience I sent away for the kit and did it. I had to prick the end of my finger and drop some (10 drops) blood onto a card. Sounds easy but it took a good 20 minutes  and two fingers to get enough out. After that it got sent to a lab in America and then I got the results a few days ago. 

I’m over the moon. I absolutely love my girls and having 3 in a row is a miracle 🙂 wow, so blessed. I always wanted a sister and now H and A will have 2. Paul is happy, he said he knew it was a girl and ‘girls are lovely’ a quote. Rewind 3 years ago when we had H (our first girl) and I kept moaning at him to hold her. He didn’t know what to do with a girl he said and they didn’t properly bond until she was about 6 months old. Now both H and A adore him. It was easier when A was born, they bonded immediately (he was used to the whole girl world) He’s the best Daddy in the whole world. 

Of course we will have to double check it at the 20 week scan (we can get our money back if they’re wrong) but that’s a long way off. I’ve already indulged in a jojomamanbebe (love it so much I could buy the whole shop, but very expensive without the sale) newborn baby grow but apart from that we’ve got everything and more for a girl. 

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