19 weeks! 

Oh dear, I’ve been TERRIBLE! I’ve missed 7 weeks of posting, I’m very sorry about that. here is a picture from my 12 week scan which put me a couple of days ahead to a due date of 17th September. I will have my next scan in two weeks when I will be 21 weeks (just before). I was very nervous just before the scan that everything would be ok but when she said here is the heartbeat breathed a big sigh of relief. However, now I’m getting nervous again for the anomaly scan. One reason is that i haven’t been feeling hardly any movements which is strange as I felt movements very early before except with G ( my first)???? What’s going on? I have felt what I thought was a little flutter movement a couple of times but each time I wasn’t sure if that was my tummy or an air bubble. Anyway trying to relax as much as possible and not stress out. 

I have to say generally so far this has been the best pregnancy out of the four. Yeah! Amazing! I was expecting the hardest pregnancy as I hardly have any time to rest or sleep, always on the go but it’s been the least sickness the least tiredness and the least hormonal. Maybe it’s because the previous three were all very difficult especially With H (my second) which was HORRENDOUS. I was so sick and for the first five months only slept a maximum of two hours a night,  was exhausted all the time and very, very moody, hormonal and wanted to kill people. So I am an exhausted a lot of the time and achey and a bit blah but it’s a lot milder and since the 12week mark I haven’t had nausea and my hormones have settled; much to my husband’s relief 🙂 

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