20 weeks 6 days 

I had my anomaly scan yesterday and it was a bit of a shock. After having 3 previous anomaly scans with my others which were completely normal and fine I was told there were 3 issues which meant that I have been referred to another hospital which specialises in fetel medicine. That appointment is on Monday, a day before our holiday, (the first in 5 years!) basically the most worrying problem is the fact that the ultrasound showed virtually no fluid around baby, about 2.5 at the deepest pool.  The second issue was there were bright spots in the bowel which could indicate a blockage or something else???? The last issue was the right kidney was enlarged at 7.3 mm. 

I knew there was something wrong as the appointment started off by the sonographer  talking me through everything ‘ there’s the heart, there’s the head’ etc etc and then silence for ages………… then she said I’m going to refer to you. 

I then met with the midwife who explained things to me further. I started to cry. Then I rang Paul. 

I’ve spent the last day googling everything which the midwife told me not to. I’ve been trying to drink as much water as I can (which I read can help build up my amniotic fluid) and just waiting for Monday.

 I’ve felt awful today and was not very nice to the children 😦 my pulse has been racing and I feel shaky and feverish. I will update after my appointment. Praying that everything is going to be ok. Praying for a miracle. 

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