About me

Hi, I’m Cara, I am 34 and wife to Paul.  A Mummy to Gabriel-Joel, 6 years old, Hannah, 5 years old and Abigail, 3 years old. Jessie Faith who was born sleeping in May 2017 delivered at 23+6 weeks old and our rainbow baby Hope who is 5 months old Somewhere in all that I am also a piano teacher and teach part time from home.

This blog will share with you my highs and lows of having 5 babies in 6 years. I started it when I was 4 weeks pregnant with Jessie and have just restarted  after nearly two years.   I lead a very imperfect life and will not be your usual ‘I have it altogether as a Mum’ Mummy.  I am very honest and will tell it like it is, which most of the time is a crazy mess of nappy changes and tantrums, settling fights and arguing with my husband. I haven’t got it all together and you will get to see it all here. Enjoy!    add another page.